Support Documents And Files
The following links will provide you access to files, documents, and sites associated with the video.
♦ – Site for Trade Value page.
♦  Downloads –  [ Click Here ] 
(For any chartbook, simply copy into the c:/Sierra Chart (or Greenchart)/Data folder and then open in Greenchart.)
•  Greenchart – The Intro Trading Greenchart
– Demo With Rules 1 EURUSD
– Demo With Rules 2 USDJPY
– Demo With Rules 3 GBPUSD
– Demo With Rules 4 AUDUSD
•  5 Link Charts for March to November and November to March.
•  Sierra3.cfg – This is a file that will create the tool bar you see in the video with the colored tabs, etc.
1 – Go to C:/ and make a new folder called Greenchart Archive.
2 – Go to C:/Greenchart or C:/Sierra Chart and find the Sierra3.cfg file.
3 – Move the Sierra3.cfg to the new Greenchart Archive folder.
4 – Make sure Greenchart is closed.
5 – Download the Sierra3.cfg.  It will probably go to the Download folder.
6 – Copy Sierra3.cfg to the C:/Greenchart or C:/Sierra Chart folder.
7 – Open Greencharts and most helpful setup should be present.